What is the Noble Kava?

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Kava is a pepper crop of the Pacific Islands. It is majorly consumed because of its euphoric and sedating effects. It originated from the lands of Vanuatu. Kava is widely used in Polynesia culture and also some parts of the world where it is exported as herbal medicine.

Noble Kava promises relaxation, and that’s what makes it famous across the world.  The powdered Kava roots when mixed water looks like a puddle of dirty water.

There are two types of Kavas available: the Tudei Kava and the Noble Kava. Noble Kava comprises of kavalactones and certain compounds that make it favorable for regular consumption. In contrast, there is a high concentration of harmful compounds present in non-noble or Tudei variety of Kava that can lead to several adverse effects. However, there are fewer chances of getting nausea or kava hangover with Noble Kava. Using a non-noble variety of Kava might give you a two-day headache. 

What makes Noble Kava so unique?

The immediate stress releasing effect of Noble Kava makes it unique. Many people quit alcohol and turn to Noble Kava because it is natural and no alcoholic. Noble Kava is considered an everyday drink. It gives you relaxation and a happy feeling. World Health has declared that Kava is effective in treating short term anxiety since it has anesthetic and sedative properties. You might not like its taste at first, but it’s relaxing effects keep you hooked as it has low health risks

Cultivation of Noble Kava

The quality and breeding of Noble Kava make it stand out from the non-noble varieties. It is cultivated across the Pacific region. It cannot be produced naturally; thus, the entire cultivation is through the propagation of stem cuttings. Each plant of Noble Kava has to be cultivated from nodes on stalks and put in the ground. It requires well-drained soil and air, enough to reach the roots. It also needs to be protected from excessive sunlight during its early growth. It takes  3-5 years for a noble variety to mature, whereas Tudei is quite easy and cheap to grow. The older the Kava plant, the higher the concentration of kavalactones. Since with such a long cultivation time of Noble kava, there are lots of natural hazards such as drought or flooding, which makes its cultivation risky for farmers. The roost of this plant contains the highest concentration of kavalactones, and they can reach up to a depth of 2 meters, The stalks of the mature plants are used for further cultivation. It is then washed thoroughly and dried in the sun to make it ready for grinding into powder. You need to be very cautious before making any purchase. Since the dried and ground variety Tudei and Noble Kava is indistinguishable, many people mix Tudei variety in Noble Kava to be able to export in bulk. It can also be harmful if leaves and stems are grounded with roots. We suggest you buy Noble Kava from a trusted vendor who has a strict quality control standard.

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