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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are doing all they can to stop the usage of kratom in the United States, but advocates and scientists are fighting back to ensure that it remains a legal drug to sell and use.

For a person who is new to the world of kratom, they may be wondering how and where they can buy kratom in their state of residence. Where to get it is not as big a problem as the more pressing question of if kratom is legal in the state. The answer is mostly “Yes,” as well as no pending legislation or laws against selling it or possessing it. But there are exceptions in some states where kratom is illegal and banned.

However, a few states have chosen to turn their backs on the drug. The people who live in these states cannot buy or sell the drugs or possess it as it is illegal. We wish to change things or help them in any way, but the law is against it. The best we can do is wait it out and ride the tide out with hopes that there will be changes soon.

There are six states in total where nobody can grow, sell, buy, possess or use kratom. It is considered a controlled substance and anything that has to do with it is banned in these states. Find out those states below:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin.

In all of these states, kratom is illegal and therefore banned. Nobody can grow, sell, buy or use kratom for any purpose in these states.

There are also some other states where kratom is allowed conditionally. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Colorado

Kratom is illegal for human use in Denver but legal in other parts of Colorado.

  1. California

Kratom is legal in the state of California, but it is illegal in San Diego. There is a ban on the drug in the city.

  1. Illinois

Kratom is legal to use, but in Illinois, only people older than 18 are allowed to use kratom.

  1. New Hampshire

Users must be above 18 years for them to be able to use kratom.

  • Florida

Kratom is legal in Florida with the exception of Sarasota County.

  • Mississippi

Kratom is banned only in Union County but legal in other parts of Mississippi.

  • Tennessee

Kratom used to be an illegal substance in Tennessee until 2017 when it was made legal for people older than 21.

Every other state in the United States allows the growing, sales, buying and use of kratom.

Summing Things Up

We expect that soon, the advocacy for Kratom will become stronger, and the laws will change in favor of this amazing plant. But for now, whenever you find yourself in those six states, make sure you do not have kratom anywhere around you.

What Does Re-leaf LLC Think?

We wish more places completely legalized this leaf. More and more states are trying to single this lovely leaf out and ban it. We think this is stupid. Very stupid.

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