Strains, Regions, Vein Colors & Placebo

I’ve heard you don’t list “strains” or “regions”. Can you explain why?

Two things influence the structural formation of any given mitragyna speciosa plant: genetics and environment. The plant’s genetic makeup, also called a genotype, acts as a blueprint for growth: it allows a spectrum of physical possibilities, but it is up to the environment to induce these characteristics. The physical expression of a genotype is referred to as a phenotype, which is simply defined as the traits that the environment pulls out from the plant’s genetic code. The market refers to different phenotypes as “strains” or “regions”. Unfortunately, we have no scientific method to identify “strains” and product representing “regions” are also misleading the consumer. There are many different phenotypes growing in any region. There is no standard way to separate

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If “strains” or “regions” don’t exist, why does everyone use those two categories to define their mitragyna speciosa listings?

The market is flooded with misinformation regarding “strains” and “regions.” Why? Well, because people need consistency when ordering or they get confused and indecisive. So, instead of telling people that mitragyna speciosa is inconsistent and there is no guarantees, they have convinced the market there are different effects that are displayed with each unique term made up. The Indonesians first introduced the fake labeling of mitragyna speciosa products with the advent of the term “Maeng Da.” The term “Maeng Da” is a slang term used in Thailand NOT a term that can separate types of mitragyna speciosa. There are no biological markers in any of the current terms used in the market. Terms like Borneo, Thai, Maeng Da, Horn, Vietnam, Etc. are terms made up to convince the consumer that there are unique products offered that do different things. There are unique products out there, as a matter of fact, every mitragyna speciosa batch has multiple unique products that can come from it. Just like a snow flake, each mitragyna speciosa tree can offer multiple unique properties in its leaves. Lets use common sense and think about this. A leaf receiving more sunlight and water at the top of a tree will have a slightly different end result then a leaf at the bottom of a tree that resides in a different setting. Even the drying processes can induce a unique product. We are saying that nobody knows the actual names of each product and also the consistency represented by other companies is not representing reality.The use of fake terms, paired with the lie that you are receiving consistent product has produced a mass manipulation that is unlike anything ever seen before. It almost seems as if common sense and analytical thinking is going extinct. Anyone who uses deductive reasoning when analyzing the mitragyna speciosa labeling can easily notice that something fishy is going on. People need to start questioning things. We all deserve to have a more honest market.

I’ve heard you don’t believe in vein colors being distinctly different from one another. I’ve noticed the difference before. How do you explain that?

We believe the effects of each leaf are being misunderstood. There are many different reasons to think this but a simple one has to do with the “FTE” the First Try Effect. A lot of times when someone tries a mitragyna speciosa variety for the first time, they will receive the strongest experience they will ever have with that particular variety. We aren’t sure why, but it seems as if, introducing a different product seems to inspire a stronger mitragyna speciosa experience. Then, there is always a little mind bending at play also. Those stronger experiences tend to be recalled easier by our memory and we believe the stronger experiences tend to define the reality in which people perceive the mitragyna speciosa in question. To confuse things even further, there are different drying techniques that create different colors of powder that in turn, might create different experiences. With that taking into consideration, because the market is filled with so many different coloring or drying techniques, we cannot support the idea that the vein colors are dictating the effects. The vein color has nothing to do with the effects that you might experience. The powder color might have something to do with the results you experience. But remember, powder color is different then vein color. The vein color is either, light green, very light green (yellowish), dark green or red and s

If all mitragyna speciosa is very similar, can you further clarify why each experience seems to be unique?

Mitragyna speciosa in general, is extremely similar in its alkaloid structure. The actual plant itself doesn’t have major differences in the 40 or so alkaloids inside each leaf. Science has proven this. Leaving the difference in effects (if any at all) peculiar to an onlooker. We believe in a couple of reasons can differ from one another. The first might be the most controversial. We suspect that certain effects can be enhanced or created by a placebo effect, by folks independently processing each alkaloid different from one anothe or by the unnatural color altering techniques used might also effect the end result. We believe each person individually processes each alkaloid differently. So, in theory each result will be unique. So the results are not necessarily the product of the leaf, as much as it being a result created by the way each individual processes each of the many alkaloids.We are open to the possibility that coloring the powder can have an impact on the effects each person experiences. As for why the suppliers overseas forcibly introduce different colors into the market. Well, that’s simple. The only reason there are extreme differences in the color of , is because the manufacturers believe the consumers have simple minds and instead of having one product to sell, they now have a limitless amount of options. Different “strains” and even a different color powder. The industry has produced many different products by false labels and color altering techniques. In essence they have manipulated the consumers because nobody is challenging the blatant contradictions to reality. 

I don’t believe you. Red veins, white veins and green veins all do different things.

We believe that each person can interpret their experience differently and everyone will experience something personalized. We will never refute those differences, but the manner in which you define those experiences are in question. We suspect that things might be different than you think. We believe the differences are made on an individual basis. Each person processes each alkaloid uniquely. So, anything that happens is the product of how the leaf was independently processed. The possibility that the drying or coloring techniques involved might change the natural results as well. The entire coloring system is just as dishonest as the “strains” and “regions”, if not more dishonest. 

How is your system better? Why should we buy from you?

We are an honest vendor who isn’t afraid of being different and standing up for what is true. Our product is top notch and our labeling is accurate and reliable. We are always here for our customers and we have a wonderful reputation. We offer fair prices on the highest quality products on the market and we invite you to become one of our beloved customers!

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  1. Thanks Joe. Really appreciate the continued education. The distinction between geno and phenotype makes total sense. It’s much more complex than I used to think. As purchasing this way (by Phenotype) was different and maybe a little uncomfortable at first, the rewards have by far outweighed that initial shift in thinking. After 1 or 2 orders it all made sense to me and has been very positive. You offer such a wide range of products which allows for people to broaden their phenotype rotation which lowers tolerance and makes the effects more pronounced than just having 2 or 3 different types. The 50 gram packs make that feasible to do. Your pricing is very reasonable and quality second to none. Glad I found you and you have been very responsive to my questions, comments and needs. Also like that I call you a friend as we have 2-3 years of keeping in touch now! Great people, great products, great service, great prices and truthfulness in approach equals preferred vendor for me. You have earned it and without reservation, I highly recommend ReLeaf LLC.

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