Re-leaf LLC Common Questions

How do we sign up for loyalty & rewards?

Please click on the link that says “Loyalty & Rewards”. Then click “Create Account” and follow the directions.

How do I spend my loyalty & referral points?

Please sign into the Loyalty & Rewards program and then find the tab that says: “Claim”. There you can spend your points. You can stack the regular store discount & your coupon purchased with points. But, you cannot stack any other promotion when you spend your points.

Why isn’t new customers using “Checking Account” option instant like returning customers? 

Any new customer using “Checking Account” option will have to wait until money is taken out of their account on first purchase. After funds are withdrawn your order will ship. Your account will be verified for instant purchases for future purchases using that exact account after the first purchase. It can take 2 to 5 business days to process first payment completely on new accounts, depending on your bank. This verifies and protects us and also the customer.

Why do we get a confirmed payment email shortly after we check out using the “Checking Account”?

Before funds are withdrawn, and your order is shipped, you will get a completed payment email. This is because you have completed the payment on your side. But the transaction is not complete until all parties process the check.

Do all returning customers get the ability to have Instant Checking Account option?

No. The only way the purchase will be instant is if the person has used the exact account previously. If the account was used with us before than we will ship the product instantly. However, the price must be under $250 as anything over $250 must be a fully processed payment. If you are a regular customer, please contact us to avoid this $250 limit.

Do you sell product to people who might abuse it?

We will not sell anyone product if we think they are abusing it and we have the right to cancel any order.

Is there automatic discounts on wholesale items? 

No discounts will be given on our wholesale items.

What size bags do you package your product in?


Can all kratom be returned?

Kratom cannot be returned. The kratom cannot be reused. Refunds can only be given for CBD only per our refund policy. Some circumstances might dictate refunding a kratom order. If we have committed an error we can issue 100% refund. Otherwise no refund will be given. However, we do review everything case by case.

How will I receive my refund?

Any credit card, money order. check or third party payment will be refunded via check.

Can I return any part of the $99 special kilo price for new customers?

New Customers $99 Kilo Is Non Refundable unless there is a quality control issue or we fulfilled the order wrong based off order notes.

If we use a 3rd party platform to pay can we communicate on the platform?

Please never use the word kratom on any 3rd party payment platform that we accept. Kratom is legal but is currently the focus of a financial targeting via the banks.

What does All-Purpose mean?

It refers to what was sold to us as “Green”

What does Enurgie mean?

It refers to what was sold to us as “White”

What does Relaxx mean?

It refers to what was sold to us as “Red”

If I forget to apply coupon code can you do it after I check out?

No. A coupon cannot be applied unless you actually apply the coupon during checkout.

Why was my order delayed?

If we are unsure about anything in your order we have the right to delay it to make sure everything is in order.

Will you re-ship a package if buyer gives you the wrong address?

If we ship to an address that a customer provides and it is wrong or undeliverable, the customer must pay for the package to be re-shipped to a new address. We are not responsible for an address that wasn’t included on the original order.