Somoa 50g


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Amazing Samoan Kava for evryday anytime use

This fresh limited edition Kava Powder is straight from the farm

This is our first Special Limited Edition kava. It is Samoa Ava Kava root. This is the very first commercial kava offering from Samoa and a rare kava variety. This Samoa Ava Kava is an uplifting kava that brings happiness with little to no sedation.

This was purchased straight from the farm so freshness is guaranteed by our source. Its is grown on Savaii Island in Samoa and is usually harvested only when our source orders it. The root is washed, dried and then ground for shipping. Making it some of the freshest dried kava root available outside the islands. Samoan kava is very difficult to find in commercial amounts because the islands don’t grow that much kava. While searching the islands our source found this variety that was very, very unique and our source we had to get it. You gotta give Samoa Ava Kava root a whirl and you will see it is one of the best Kavas you have ever drank!

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