Pick For Me - Let The Experts Control Your Tolerance

The experts will control what kratom is sent and we will be 100% committed to making sure that you have exactly what you need. While there are no guarantees with this amazing leaf, we are extremely successful in choosing products for customers. More than half our of customers use this method and we recommend it.



Pick For Me F.A.Q.’s


How do you know what I want?

When you check out please use the order notes to explain what you want. We cannot use any emails, texts or calls to reference you order, We will only use these order notes that you put in this specific order to pick out what we think is best for you. Please mention how you want your order separated. Say something like: I want 4 different reds, 3 greens and a white. In that instance, the amount of each are up for interpretation unless you mention specific amounts. You can also be as candid as you want. We will read your instructions on how to fill your order and we will fulfill it. It helps to be a little more specific than normal. We would hate to delay a shipment to double-check with you. There are many ways you could easily explain orders. Please read it back to yourself and someone else before you send this order. You must have the order in and paid for by 12pm. Be confident in buying kratom with Re-leaf LLC. We have almost 3 years filled with hundreds of phenomenal reviews. We will fulfill this shipment as fast as we can. We ship Monday – Friday. Priority and Express same-day shipping ends at 12pm EST.

Do you guarantee the results that I want?

No. Simply put, this is a natural substance that can sometimes, in a rare instance, can randomly do the opposite of what your looking for. It is very much under-researched for a product with such high expectations. We offer this service for those folks that would rather put the pressure of such an important order with the professionals that are selling the product. Even though we have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, we still can’t avoid nature’s common issues. That is why we offer a free replacement with your order. Terms for replacements are found here. You are safe with us ;).


Is there any specific method you use to choose products for me?

That is a kinda complicated answer. We are very experienced with every one of our products. We are also confident that we get things right more often than not. But, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that kratom is a trial and error product no matter how you cut it. We just offer our “best guesses” for you because some folks are overwhelmed by all the options. We do our best to provide any service that we can give, so we can make it easier on as many people as possible.


How do I get you to pick more than one choice for me?

You can adjust the quantity to as much as you want per product by guiding us in the order notes section.

Weight 75 g


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