Popular Kava Strains

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Kava is shrub cultivated widely across the Pacific region. The biggest producers are Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii. It is in the powder form made by grinding its roots that contain a high level of kavalactones. There are more than 100 Kava strains available. Each Kava variety is known for its calming and relaxing effect without diminishing mental clarity.

Kava strains differ in color depending on their type. They have distinct effects and aromas.


We have whittled down the top strains so that you can choose according to your needs.



  1. Hanakapi’ai
  2. Kumakua
  3. Hiwa
  4. Mo’i
  5. Nene
  6. Pu’Pu
  7. Mahakea
  8. Mapulehu
  9. Honokane Iki
  10. Pana’ewa
  11. Papa’Ele’ele
  12. Papa Kea
  13. ‘Opihikao


  1. Borogu
  2. Melmel
  3. Lalahk
  4. Abogae
  5. Bukulit
  6. Bogong
  7. Borogu temit
  8. Borogu tememe
  9. Bo
  10. Malmalbo
  11. Take
  12. Tabal
  13. Rong rong wul
  14. Maga
  15. Rara
  16. Renkaru
  17. Pia
  18. Rhowen
  19. Fare
  20. Leai
  21. Apin
  22. Ahouia


  1. Yalu
  2. Damu
  3. Qila Leka
  4. Dokobana vulu
  5. Matakaro Balavu
  6. Vula Kasa Balavu
  7. Vula kasa leka
  8. Matakaro leka
  9. Qila Balavu
  10. Loa Kasa Balavu
  11. Dokobana Loa
  12. Loa Kasa Leka


  1. Ata
  2. Hina
  3. Valu
  4. Hina ‘akau
  5. Kula ‘akau
  6. Lau fulufulu
  7. Leka kula
  8. Leka hina


  1. Ava talo
  2. Ava mumu
  3. Ava sa
  4. Ava lea
  5. Ava la’au


  1. Rahdmel
  2. Rahmwhnger


  1. Kuraka
  2. Dikoie
  3. Namuru
  4. Kawadarre
  5. Ikawat


With so many varieties of Kava indicated above, we believe there is a strain for everyone. If you know the reason why you need a particular strain, the selection will easier. You can select a Kava strain based on:

  • What is your need for having kava i-e wellness and relaxation need?
  • What time of the day do you want to have Kava? ( day time, afternoon or night)?
  • At what place will you be drinking? 

Once you the reason, you can read the detailed product description and select your strain based on heady heavy or balanced kava. 


Heady Kava: They have a high concentration of kavalactones (numbered 4 or 3 to the left of their chemotype) best suitable for daytime use. They keep your mind relaxed and clear.


Heavy Kava: They have an even higher concentration of kavalactones (with numbers 2, 6, or 5). They have a body melting effect and are suggested to use at night time.


Balanced kava: They are versatile, and depending on how much dosage you are consuming, they can be used at any time if the day.

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