People who get high on Kratom

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Kratom, one of the most famous herbal drugs, is gaining immense popularity among teenagers. It is known as legal and is assumed safe, but there are many false views about the drug as well.

There’s a famous proverb that says:

“Everything in moderation.”

That is pretty realistic! Even the food we consume, if not taken in moderation, can prove to be dangerous for us! Kratom is no exception. This magical plant-based herb has been abused for decades by people who get “high” on it. Due to this property, Kratom also faced many allegations and even a ban in 2016.

This post is primarily for those people who are afraid to take this drug due to its “getting high” property. The truth is that, when taken in moderate amount, Kratom can be a life-changing drug for you in terms of providing many health and mental benefits.

The truth behind Kratom

Kratom is native to Southeast Asia. It is a substance that comes from the stem and leaves of the Kratom plant. When taken in low doses, Kratom provides a stimulating effect that is comparable to many medications. However, at higher doses, Kratom can produce similar results as that of opioids, and hence it can be addictive. Here, keep in mind that since Kratom doesn’t require any prescription, so it is the responsibility of the consumer to do proper research about its dosage and then consume it accordingly.

What do the experts say about Kratom?

According to experts and health organizations, Kratom can be unsafe when taken in high doses or when mixed with other medications. People may experience nervousness, hot flashes, fever, and breathing issues by consuming the high doses of this drug. That is why, just like all other medications, you need to take special precautions before consuming Kratom.

Under the usual dosage, Kratom can be highly helpful for people who are passing through opioid crises. It is ideal for taking as a relaxant as well as a pain killer. According to the International Journal of Drug Policy, Kratom is “affordable, easily available and doesn’t hold any serious side effects.” Thus, it has been proved that Kratom isn’t dangerous if taken in the right amount.


So, is Kratom helpful, or is it harmful? The answer lies in: “How do you use it?”.

Following are some of the precautions you may adapt if you are not sure whether it is safe or not?

  • Educate yourself and the people around you regarding the potential benefits, dosage requirements, and dangers of Kratom. Don’t forget to make yourself aware of the exact dosages!
  • Do in-depth research about the benefits and addiction problems of Kratom to keep yourself away from the risks.

You can save yourself from kratom abuse

 by following these tips!

Moreover, the parents need to have an open conversation with their kids regarding various drugs and their usage. This way, we can stop the use of Kratom as an addictive drug!

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