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A few well-known methods of making use of powdered leaf are known, but the most common are

  1. “Toss and Wash,”
  2. Preparing it as a tea and;
  3. Mixing it with food.

In this article, you’ll be getting numerous ways to help you enjoy your Kratom tea to the fullest.


Toss and wash simply means putting the powder in your mouth and downing it with liquid.

It has the strongest effects but can be the most difficult method because it’s in powder form and its dry, it will undoubtedly stick to your throat and mouth. This could make you gag or even blow the dry powder out of your mouth. To make it easier to consume, you should try putting it in your mouth in small bits at a time to prevent the gagging.


This method is potent and favorable. It is pretty easy and can be made tasty by adding sweetener. It is imperative to know that extracts shouldn’t be used only the powdered leaf should be used in making the tea.

Directions are as follows;

Measure out one teaspoon of the powdered leaf, as stated earlier it is recommended to use powdered leaf because hot water is capable of breaking down the alkaloids in extracts. It is also more expensive to use extracts. 2-4 cups of boiled water are needed, and the more you add, the less strong the favor, but if you drink it all, you still get the same effects.

Get a container and put the kratom powder into it then add the boiling water. Stir thoroughly to mix properly and making sure no lumps or clumps of dry powder are left behind. Artificial sweetener, honey, or sugar can be added to cut the bitterness although honey works best. Two packets of artificial sweetener is a good place to start. For at least 15 minutes you stir occasionally and let it sit to cool down.

Allow the powder to settle at bottom of the cup once it’s full. You can add more sweetener or more water or even ice cubes to make it less concentrated. As long as the liquid is taken by mouth, it will have the same effects it ought to.

Tea recipe

Its recommended for this to be made at night before bed, that way it’s ready for consumption in the morning.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 spearmint tea bag
  • 1 chamomile tea bag
  • 2 teaspoons kratom
  • Honey, sugar or artificial sweetener to taste
  • 1 teapot


  • Boil water in a kettle
  • Put both the chamomile and spearmint tea bags and kratom in the teapot.
  • Pour boiling water over the top
  • Allow steeping for 20-30 minutes
  • Remove tea bags
  • Put the teapot in the fridge and let it sit overnight so that kratom settles at the bottom.
  • Once it’s morning, pour the tea into a glass slowly. Stop pouring when the plant matter is about to come out of the teapot.
  • Sweeten tea and drink!

Mixing it with food

Kratom is also good to be mixed with food. It can be mixed with ice cream, apple sauce, chocolate protein powder, and even chocolate almond milk.

The potency and efficacy of kratom will still be just right if you take it with little food or any of our suggested recipes, you should also note that kratom may not mix well in certain foods because it has a very strong flavor.

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