Loyalty & Rewards

How do I use sign up?

Just click on “Loyalty & Rewards” Then click “Create Account” and follow instructions.

Why should I sign up?

Well, for starters our Loyalty & Rewards members pay, on average, 22% off LESS than everyone else. You immediately get a personal referral code. You give that code to people that want to buy kratom and you will get 30% of their money spent. We will apply it to your account. You will also earn 10% of your purchases BACK into your account. We will also have many ways for you to earn points! Get $10 free just signing up!

What was the highest amount paid?

We have paid people almost $200 for one single referral purchase. You never know how much you will make until you give out your code!

How much does your referral program pay?

Right now we pay out 30% commission.

How much money is earned every purchase?


How do I use my points?

Login to your account and click “Claim”