Kratom Extract – Describe the difference between tincture and resin

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Kratom is a plant-based supplement that can be taken in a variety of ways. You can chew kratom leaves to turn them in the form of powder and tea. One of the highly useful and convenient-to-take types of kratom is “kratom extract.”

Kratom extracts are highly concentrated and potent forms of kratom that are prepared by brewing powdered kratom. After prolonged hours of brewing and evaporation, a thick and darker paste of kratom is formed that contains the highly potent and active ingredients. The unique aspect of kratom powder is that it can be processed further into an oil-like form known as a tincture. This extract can also be transformed into a solid form called “resin.”

In this post, we will discuss the two primary forms of kratom extracts and how to use each type to acquire the best benefits.

What are the different forms of kratom extracts?

Kratom extract is a highly potent alkaloid extract that comes from kratom leaves. There are two primary forms of kratom extracts known as”

  • Tincture Kratom Extract
  • Resin Kratom Extract

Tincture Kratom Extract

One of the easiest and effective ways of using kratom extract is in the form of kratom tincture. It is prepared by dissolving it in alcohol and turning it in the form of liquid. It is dissolved in alcohol because it is a powerful solvent, and it doesn’t damage the alkaloids that are present in kratom leaves. Thus, the alkaloids stay intact. Tincture kratom is a highly pure and concentrated form of kratom extract due to which it is also potent.

It is essential to consume Kratom tincture with caution due to highly concentrated properties. Moreover, the beginners shouldn’t consume kratom tincture directly before staying on raw kratom leaves for a while. Furthermore, special precautions should be taken regarding the dosage of kratom tincture. An only half drop of high-quality tincture is enough to yield the results. Exceeding the dosage to more than four drops can result in intense sedation and many other adverse effects.

Resin Kratom Extract

Resin kratom extract is a unique form of extract. It is a semi-solid form of an extract with a minimal amount of liquid in it. Due to this reason, they are way more concentrated than tincture kratom extract. Resin kratom extract is highly challenging to make and required prolonged hours of extraction as compared to liquid-based extracts. Although it is not very popular, yet it is the most effective form of kratom due to its highly potent concentration.


Kratom extracts are the easiest ways of consuming this highly useful herb. No matter which kratom extract you are using, it is highly relevant to store them away from humidity and light. That’s why dark bottles are preferred to store these extracts. If you are using resin kratom extract, then don’t forget to use air-tight containers. Keeping these extracts in light or open-air can break down the alkaloids and damage them, which can reduce the benefits and also increases the chances of contamination.

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