Kratom Drug Test

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Before understanding the results of kratom drug test and how long does it stay in your system, it is crucial to know the working of Kratom and how does it affect your body. Despite the frequent use of Kratom in the U.S market, there are still many misconceptions about this herbal supplement. In other words, people aren’t aware of this useful drug and don’t know much about it. That’s why it is not wise to judge anything about kratom addiction and its effects on our body. Instead, it is essential to know about its composition and its working pattern.

How does kratom works?

Kratom is known as a psychoactive substance in the U.S due to its effects on the human mind and body. The answer to “How kratom works” lies in its composition. Kratom is composed of an active compound known as an alkaloid. This compound is responsible for the effects of Kratom that it leaves on the human body. This compound stimulates an activity in your brain that is similar to opioids, and it can reduce the response to pain. When this active compound reaches your brain nerves, it reduces depression and anxiety and influences the mood of the person. That is why it is known to have a “euphoric” effect that is very similar to heroin and opium.

What can you expect in kratom drug test?

You will be astonished to know that Kratom doesn’t show up when you go for a standard drug test like NIDA-5 or SAMHSA-5. Kratom can not be detected in 20-panel drug tests as well. However, many laboratories have launched an advanced panel drug test through which it is now possible to find out traces of Kratom in your body.

It is also important to know here that in many cases, a kratom drug test can give you a false-positive result.

If you want to pass the kratom drug test, then it is essential to start a detox drink at least a week before the test. You can also use pre-rid tablets if you want to pass the test and get rid of kratom metabolites.

What are the different types of kratom blood tests?

Because of the presence of alkaloids, Kratom doesn’t show up in most of the drug tests. Another reason why it is difficult to detect it is that it is not an opiate.

There are different types of kratom blood tests:

  • Kratom Blood Tests
  • Kratom Urine Tests
  • Kratom Saliva Tests
  • Kratom Hair Tests
  • Kratom Sweat Tests

A kratom blood test is for the detection of Kratom in the blood levels and how much it is consumed. These tests are specifically used to check the concentration of Kratom in blood. However, blood tests are not capable of detecting Kratom if the test is conducted several days after it is taken.

Urine test is quite beneficial is detecting alkaloids and can detect Kratom even weeks after its ingestion. This test is the most effective one among all other kratom drug tests.

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