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There has been a lot of sensational messages about kratom and how people should avoid it. When we see these messages, we pause to wonder why there is so much campaign against this fantastic herb. Kratom never hurt anybody, and there are lots of many other things that do more harm than kratom will ever do.

All Kratom has ever done and attempted to do is to make people feel less pain and feel a lot better than they have ever felt. Bees do more harm than kratom will ever do. If anyone gets adverse effects from using kratom, it is the fault of the person and not kratom. So, to everyone who keeps propagating the idea of kratom as a dangerous substance, Buzz off!

Kratom does not kill; bees do.

On a general note, we have been led to believe that bees are harmless most of the time except they are threatened. And also, only certain types of bees sting. Yes, all of those are true, but when placed side by side, bees are more dangerous than kratom. Kratom does absolutely no harm except it is abused. Therefore, in a bid to warn people to stay off substances that are not regulated such as kratom, it would make more sense to educate people on the importance of adhering to their dosage counts and not abusing kratom.

While the number of deaths caused by bees is low, bees are more dangerous than kratom in comparison. Thus, we should all work on ways to help the world with kratom rather than speak against it at every opportunity.

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