Is Kratom a drug?

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According to the FDA, Kratom falls into the category of drugs. It comes from a plant “Mitragyna speciosa” that grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. FDA claims that Kratom has the same effect on the human mind and body as that of opioids and morphine. It can put the consumers into a risk of abuse, addiction, and dependence.

There are many reports in which FDA issues warning and concerns to the consumers about Kratom. Is that the truth? Does Kratom put you in a state of danger and addiction? Is Kratom a drug? Let’s find it out below!

The truth behind Kratom and its dependence

The truth is that Kratom can result in some severe side effects only at “high doses.” These results can be in any form such as addiction, tremors, seizures and many other toxic effects. Below are the conditions when Kratom can become dangerous for you, just like any other medication:

  • Kratom can become your addiction when you consume it in higher doses, such as up to 15 grams. These higher doses contain the same effect as that of morphine and opioids.
  • Doses above 10 grams can result in extreme tiredness, losing consciousness, and restfulness.
  • Mixing Kratom with any other drug can also result in adverse side effects and addiction. It can even result in hallucinations.
  • Using it frequently is also another cause of its addiction, along with aggressive behavior, hostility, and irritability.

Thus, people who take additional drugs with Kratom, such as mood stabilizers and antidepressants, can most likely experience strong tranquilizing effects.

What’s the solution?

The best solution to prevent the side effects of Kratom is to consult with your doctor and then make a decision. It is also essential to consume it in moderation and avoid taking higher dosages above 5 grams. Dosages above 15 grams can result in serious health complications and even deaths. If you are a beginner, you need to remain below 2 grams for a while. If you follow the right dosages, there is no solution better than Kratom for your health issues.

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