Echeck Information

How do I use Echeck for an instant checkout?

In order to achieve instant purchasing, you must complete one transaction with your normal bank account. Once your first purchase is made, your account is verified for instant shipping. Checks take about 2 to 4 business days depending on the banks communication with each other.

What information do I need to check out?

Please use the information connected to the exact bank account used. All information must be accurate and current or transaction will fail and you will get a $20 bounce fee by the bank. You need bank account number (NOT DEBIT CARD), routing number, address on account, name on account, phone number on account, and you must have the total amount in your account when check cashes.

When does the check get cashed?

It is very important you balance your checkbook. Because unlike debit & credit, funds will not be taken out for 1 to 4 days. This is what happens when you place an order with echeck:

  1. You purchase (you will get a paid confirmation on day 1, but the transaction is not fully complete until the last step)
  2. Check gets processed Mon-Fri either at 9am or 1pm from Green.Money. They are our security and verification service. That check gets sent to our bank.
  3. Our bank receives the check.
  4. Our bank petitions your bank for funds.
  5. Your bank gives funds and transaction is complete. (2nd to 4th business day)

How do I find routing number?

You can call your bank or you can search in google. You would search your bank’s name, the words “routing number” and also the state your account is in.

How do I find account number?

Check your bank statement for all available info that is current.