How is Instant Kava Made?

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Instant kava is becoming increasingly popular due to its calming and soothing effects. Instant kava is prepared by dehydrating already made kava tea. The process requires you to keep drying it until only pure granules are left. It is a fantastic drink which is easy to prepare. You need to add one teaspoon of instant kava in your favorite beverage or even in plain water and enjoy the benefits. 

How to prepare instant kava?

Prepare instant kava is no rocket science. Instant kava is available in the form of a powder that needs to be mixed with warm water. You can add lemon or sugar as optional ingredients if you want to add an extra flavor to your kava.

If you don’t trust the already available instant kava powder, then you can also make this powder at home. To do this, you can grind kava leaves at home and turn it in the form of powder. Now you can mix this powder in warm water. As a side option, you can also add a few drops of coconut oil in this mixture, which will help you in extracting fat-soluble kavalactones.

The unique feature of instant kava is that you can also enjoy it by adding a few ice cubes in summers. You can add it in any liquid of your choice!

Here it should be noted that if you have a habit of enjoying your drinks slowly, then don’t forget to keep stirring it while drinking. Moreover, also keep in mind that kava is best to take on an empty stomach.

General points to consider while preparing instant kava

  • Many people consider kava as another form of coffee or tea. That is why they think that it needs to be dissolved in water, just like tea or coffee. However, the fact is that the kavalactones that are present in kava are not water-soluble. In simple words, it means that by pouring it in warm water doesn’t produce the same effects. That is why instant kava is considered the best as it already comes in powdered form and can give the best results.
  • When preparing instant kava, it is essential to consider the water temperature. Generally, warm water of around 40C is ideal for instant kavas. Using warm water is beneficial as it can improve the extraction and solubility of kavalactones. However, don’t use boiling or hot water as it can destroy the kavalactones and ruin the taste. Moreover, it can also ruin the consistency, which is certainly not advised.

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