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The homepage contains our main “Pick For Me” option with a F.A.Q. This page is for those people that don’t want to write a bunch of order notes. Just another easy option to order kratom! You can find all the “Pick For Me” variations in the store, in the “Pick For Me Category” But, at this page, you will find options with odd titles that will ultimately make your life a little easier. We have prepared a vague, but easy, way to order. We tried to be as vague, and as descriptive as possible. The FDA has made it very difficult to be candid without worrying about liability. This is our attempt to help and avoid liability. 


  • If you pick more than “1” quantity on any given product, we will give you different products unless otherwise noted in your order notes. So, if you pick 3 of “The Addict”, we will give you three separate mitragyna speciosa products.
  • If you are a person that thinks this is an exact science and results are guaranteed… this selection is not for you. This is an all natural product and we can only do the best we can do. 
Buy Below By Emphasizing Who You Are. Below Are Not Names Of Products But You Are Simply Stating Character Traits You Have. Read Disclaimer At Bottom Of Page.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. No statements are being made on this page about curing, relieving, medicating, dosing or anything related to health advice.

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: these titles are named after the people that are buying them. They are not meant to describe any products in our store or any perceived effects. These titles are ‘for show’ only and we do not recommend any ingestion of products not approved by the FDA. There are no products named “The Energyze, The Exercise, The Focus, The Recreational, The Relax, The Pain, The Work Day, The Addict, The Stress”. You will be getting our normal store products that we pick. Our products are All-Purpose, Enurgie & Relaxx. And as you see they are representing “Green, white, and red” varieties. We don’t sell any product to cure or prevent any ailment or fix any of the below categories. Those categories are just meant for the customer to choose based on their personality so we can get to know them.  We account for inventory by selecting an order and processing it using your email address. You might get an order confirmation that is different than the original but it will be no charge. 

Couple FAQ’s

When you check out please use the order notes to explain what you want if it is more detailed. But using categories like “The Recreational, The Relax” etc. we don’t need order notes but don’t be afraid to get somethign off your chest. We cannot use any emails, texts or calls to reference you order, We will only use these order notes that you put in this specific order to pick out what we think is best for you. Please mention how you want your order within the order notes. You can say something like: I want 4 different reds, 3 greens and a white. You can order any way you want. If we have any questions we will ask you about the order. The order notes are up to interpretation unless you mention specific things. You can also be as candid as you want. We will read your instructions on how to fill your order and we will fulfill it. Too much information can get confusing so try to not write essays. We would hate to delay a shipment.  There are many ways you could easily explain orders. Please read it back to yourself and someone else before you send this order. 

No. Simply put, this is a natural substance that can sometimes, in a rare instance, can randomly do the opposite of what your looking for. It is very much an under researched for a product with such high expectations. We offer this service for those folks that would rather put the pressure of such an important order with the professionals that are selling the product. Even though we have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, we still can’t avoid nature’s common issues. 

That is a kinda complicated answer. We are very experienced with every one of our products. We are also confident that we get things right more often than not. But, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that kratom is a trial and error product no matter how you cut it. We just offer our “best guesses” for you because some folks are over whelmed by all the options. We do our best to provide any service that we can give, so we can make it easier on as many people as possible.

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