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Often, a lot of people ask about the best method to use kratom. The Toss n’ Wash is one of the simplest methods as it is the most effective way to feel the desired effects. It helps you hasten the process of taking it, and the best part is that it requires the most minimal preparation. 

The Toss n’ Wash method is simply measuring out the right does of raw kratom powder in your mouth, taking a big gulp of water and the swilling in your mouth before swallowing it.

Kratom can, of course, be taken in the capsule form which will mask all unpleasant taste totally but buying kratom as pills is not recommended, which will bring about the added hassle of you making your own capsules. The fact it’s in capsules will also take longer to feel the effects unlike you swallowing the raw powder directly.

It does get easier with each use. Only a handful of attempts will be needed in order to get a handle on it, so don’t just give up after your first try. Try a few times more, and you’ll see it get easier. So come along to learn the Toss n’ Wash method. Even if you do not see it as your default means of ingesting your kratom, it’s still a nice knowledge to have.

The first time I tried the Toss n’ Wash method, the smell of the raw powder made me gag and feel queasy. It was such an unpleasant experience. I did not like the texture of the powder, which had a dry, cinnamon-like taste. I decided not to give up though because now it has gotten easier and its something I have gotten used to that now I barely smell or taste the powder anymore and the whole ordeal is over in about 5 seconds. 


  • The required kratom dose should be measured into a glass. It’s better and easier to measure it into a glass in order to get the accurate measurement. It prevents overdosing and overestimating.
  • Get your glass of water ready to drink right after you put the kratom in your mouth. It prevents searching for a glass of water when you’ve got dry powder in your mouth.
  • Gently pour the kratom into your mouth, put your tongue down before you pour the kratom into your mouth. You should not down the glass of powder-like you are drinking juice but rather drink it slowly, so it does not hit the back of your throat.
  • You should break down the powder into more than one mouthful. The less kratom you have in your mouth, the better. You can swallow it in small bits to make the ingesting process easier.


You have to remember that it gets better after each use and the more you try the method, the easier it gets. You should not get discouraged if you find it difficult at first and with the tips provided above it will make an easier ride in ingesting the kratom.

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