Don’t Trust Forums, Reviews or Anyone But Yourself With Kratom

Guess what? Regions, colors and “strains” DON’T matter as much as you are made to believe. Misinformation spreads like wild fire. Often times there will be people who write about kratom trying to promote something on a forum, social media or website. Just as often, someone will mistaken their opinion for a fact and preach it like law. The huge issue is that the information currently made available is very misguiding. For example, regions, vein colors, and things like “Maeng Da” don’t exist as you know them, most of the kratom names that you know of, are completely made up to fill a need by the market.

Now let’s talk about “vein color”, a subject that can be misleading. The colors that are supposed to mean certain things, might not. There are no rules to kratom. Sometimes you can make an educated and experienced guess about expectations and occasionally actaully might get it right. But… sometimes, the leaf takes an unexpected turn. Remember that in your kratom journey. Luckily, at Re-leaf LLC, our product seems to be enjoyable. We hardly have any complaints, so, you’re in good hands. We have world class quality, but as a realist, we need to disclaim that overall, kratom is just too mysterious to guarantee exact results. While every product could potentially be amazing because of our high quality sourcing, we still must abnegate any liability by denouncing consumption.

Know-It-Alls run the world of kratom information.

A lot of kratom advocates tend to spout out all sorts of facts without really knowing the facts.  Most of the mainstream rules are in fact, not rules at all. They are just vague coincidences that a person of the kratom community has been mistaken for common knowledge. Whether it be a blog, a social media post or in a forum, people will always try to sound like professionals and state their hypothesis as fact. And with kratom, the “know-it-alls” come out of the woodwork. The internet is like on big game of telephone. People hear stuff from each other and then when they report about it it is just a little off. And so, the cycle goes on. Most of the information offered online, not only started off wrong, but occasionally, people would tell their own spiced up versions. Now, we are left with is a bunch of wrong stuff about kratom sprinkled with truth.

It would be easy to say that the myths about regions and “strains” are hands down the biggest lie in the kratom industry. If you read some of my other articles, you will see that I mention many times that all the names of kratom are made up. There is no consistency within the community and there are NO BIOLOGICAL MARKERS to identify what “strain” or “region” a product is. You couldn’t ask a botanist to grow a Red Bali kratom tree because it doesn’t exist. I am also blown away by the amount of people that actual fall “hook, line and sinker” for the current way kratom is being labeled. 

Check out Dr. McCurdy 
(Click here to hear the world’s leading kratom expert)In this clip he basically tells us that all kratom is pretty similar.

Newsflash, the industry is filled with a bunch of lies created by farmers & suppliers perpetuated by people that like to sound like experts. Those folks are usually people who have tried only 5 or 10 different products from one source, but swear they are the source for truthful kratom information.

Don’t Listen To Someone Who Swears To Know What Will Happen.

Be weary of anyone who can predict the effects of this mysterious leaf. At times, you may be able to forecast results. But those results are based on many unpredictable variables, and that is precisely the reason you should use trial and error in your kratom journey. Everyone’s unpredictable variables can be different. We are all different and we might all react different to each one of the 40+ alkaloids. E
veryone pretty much has to selects products based  on ‘best guesses’. Without FDA approval and any medical supervision, some folks are essentially choosing to experiment on themselves. Its quite frank when put in those terms, but it is the truth. Nobody else can decide what product is best for you. Luckily we have many great products. So, you can close your eyes and pick. You will probably land a winner.

Trying to keep up with all the industry lies is pretty mentally exhausting. For example, when using the current red, green and white paradigm there are some glaring issues with the supposed system. It just doesn’t make sense when you hear actual testimonies that claim conflicting stories. First hand accounts, from people
who produce the leaf. Different suppliers claiming many different ways to obtain the name on the label (red, green, white & yellow). All the Indonesia suppliers use different techniques to change the color of the powder. Those techniques paired up with the slight genetic differences sometimes create random results. 
The current strain, region, red, white, green market organization is a joke. Most of the times suppliers use many differing techniques which makes the whole labeling even more inconsistent and stupid. And now, it has people swearing that “this does this” and “that does that”. We can easily get caught up in being fooled by the made up choices that have been force fed to us by the industry. We are here to start a revolution. Don’t get stuck in rut believing things that science has disproved. We will be listing a lot more of our popular blends and many new strains daily. 

The Reason Why Things Are Different Sometimes.

Actually more often than not, the effects are slightly diverse. To better your chances on favorable results, different product should be rotated often. For some reason, that works wonders for efficiently managing tolerance. Each alkaloid is processed differently every time. Variables that most people don’t pay attention to can change the dynamics of each result.

Like I said, we all process things differently. Some folks notice similarities and immediately assume whatever “facts” that they think up. Unfortunately, assumptions that are based off of a small test base are hard to pass off as truth. Ideas that are completely speculative sometimes turn into facts. For example, folks will say things like, This “red blah blah does this”, and ” this green blah blah does that”, etc. But it isn’t like that. It doesn’t work like that. Actually most people name the product randomly, loosely based off perceived market demands. A lot of suppliers try the product then assign it a strain name based off of a need to fill the menu. They classify things casually as a white , red or green then add a name to the end of the color.

Reviews Are Not That Helpful.

Everyone is different, so relying on someone else’s experience is not always accurate. Relying on an Indonesian supplier to make up a consistent way of labeling kratom is a bad idea. Occasionally, colors are classified by the technique, OR sometimes even
by the “whim” of a market need. Sometimes a result will “inspire” a name (Maeng Da, Bali, etc) and sometimes it’s all just random. The industry bases names solely off of an opinion. Each of those results could be extremely different so there is NO CONSISTENCY. I’ve found the best suppliers from Indonesia classify the product by their opinion after they test it. That’s how the perceived color system can be a little more accurate. But even then, that technique has major flaws. Also, every tree can offer a couple different results and each batch can have dozens of trees, so results can sometimes be unexpected and random. It seriously is a big confusing mess. 

Also, does all kratom always work for everyone? No. Often it has less to do with the leaf, and everything to do with the environment you introduce it to. All kratom for the most part share similar results. The small differences one might notice is unique to each person. The person could be oblivious to the best time to use the produc. People don’t always focus on things like rest, water, fats, carbs, timing, method, etc. etc. There are so many variables that matter when speaking about results. So many people look past the variables.

Hitting The Wall.

Also, just like when you work out often and make consistent gains then all of a sudden you “hit a wall”. People in the gym notoriously try to avoid “the wall.” In kratom we have a similar wall. For some unknown reason, kratom purchasers will go through random times where product overall becomes less efficient then normal. It’s a very normal thing and nobody knows why it happens. Unfortunately, people tend to look past this very real happening and they end up pointing fingers everywhere. They often blame the product, the vendor or even the amount taken out of the bag. During this time, the kratom purchaser can potentially make inaccurate reviews of product or vendors. They become the scapegoat. Very rarely will someone be able to pinpoint the issue being a normal tolerance issue. More often people tend to ignore that very real possibility. We recommend that if you suspect this is happening that you quickly reset yourself. We recommend taking 3 days and changing the amount you take out of the bag. Try limiting yourself to twice daily and only take out 30% of what you normally would. After three days of this you should be in a better spot.

Some people honestly think they know the ins and outs of this lovely leaf after a couple of online purchases. I personally am still lost after 3 years of intense studies and very close contact with the product. My advice is, do not lock yourself into the misconceptions that the industry has spread. Try not to convince yourself to stop trying new things. Evolve. There is no magic product that works all the time. Many times something will work great and then all of a sudden it just stops working the way you want it to. That’s when you want to shake things up. Rotating many products and changing up amounts and the time between them.

Question Everything And Be Analytical.

Overall, I understand why it’s so hard to know what is best. The industry is filled with a bunch of lies created by suppliers and perpetuated by people that like to sound like experts and are usually people who haven’t really found out anything. Some folks just like to claim they know stuff. We all have the trait to some degree. Knowing stuff is in fact, cool. So I get it. But, remember to question everything. Even question us.

How We Do It.

Right now we at Re-leaf LLC name the “strains” by a number. Period. That’s it. Every time we get a new batch we just name it “Phenotype # —-” That’s it. Even if we order product from the same region, when we get the product its alkaloid composition is different. So, why lie to the market? Why continue representing it as something consistent when it isn’t? Is it quality? Yes. Every time we use our product we are grateful at the ability to source from our great network of suppliers. Would it be easier to sell in the current region and strain format? If I just did it like everyone else? Absolutely. If we kept slapping on the same name on every bag regardless of whats inside. Using the same arbitrary names but constantly using different product. Most people wouldn’t even notice. We know many vendor “aquaintances” that are doing this egregious act right now. People in the industry do it all the time. It’s a shame but the market isn’t exactly all roses. I’m not saying that all vendors are bad. We only can hope that quality and integrity come before the owners personal wants. This conflict of interest can create a serious quality control problem. We know first hand. Sometimes we gotta cut ties with suppliers and even throw away a large amount of product. It’s just part of the business. 

Kratom works better when different alkaloid percentages are introduced regularly. Also, most good results are very similar. Red, green, white, yellow, etc, all have extremely similar results when working how we want it to. The separation between the colors are more emphasized by the market then they are by the actual results. 

Funny Experiment.

Funny enough. We actually had a couple customers do their own tests (we didn’t condone these tests) on their spouses. Two sets of spouses decided to put different “strains” in the bag that their significant other SWORE was the only strain that worked. They hid what the product really was by putting it in a different bag, labeled the product they swore was the “only thing that worked”. Because OF COURSE, that was the only strain that would work for them. One person only did this a few times to their spouse before telling them. Which they were very surprised. Amazingly they still refused to believe it. The other did this to them for months.This went on for a while. The funniest thing is that sometimes they would make them try a different product and then the spouse would of course “hate it” and ask for the one they are used to. Asking for the “only one that would work”. Funny enough, then the spouse would put the same product (the one they supposedly didn’t like) inside the bag labeled as the product they were expecting. Emphatically every time they would remind the spouse that “see that is the one that works for me.” All the while the spouse was switching in and out many of our products. I can’t say I wasn’t instigating this. Because I kinda was. I was fascinated. They were proving in real time what I already knew. You can actually improve your kratom experience with positivity and all those hard heads (I love those hard heads as well though!) were always just afraid of change. Almost a placebo like effect. The power of positive thinking with kratom is definitely a real thing. Stop convincing yourself of unrealistic rules. Kratom is comlex but we can make it simpler than it’s made out to be.

For example lets say 11 people buy ‘Leaf A’ . Well, ‘Leaf A’ could turn right for 10 people, and then when you get to it, it might turn a hard left or might turn left for Jeff and then turn right for Anne ten times and then the 11th and 12th time it zig zagged for Anne. It is something nobody can explain. And EVERYONE always downplays the importance of the environment that kratom is introduced to. You need to start paying attention to everything. Rest, fats, different types of carbs, proteins, prohibitors, potentiators, water, etc. EVERYTHING MATTERS.

You might wanna click on the excerpt below if you want to find out the truth about strains!

CLICK THIS:…..”Strains” are not exactly a truthful definition to explain the different kinds of kratom. Kratom does have different results, but the way the market categorizes them, is severely misleading. 

Why We Are So Good.

Our Phenotypes Are What You Know As “Strains.”We get MANY batches in weekly, ordering small amounts and from many people is how we keep the quality so high. Keeping the batches coming in at a continuous rate is why we have such great product. We hold our suppliers accountable and they know we test our batches extensively. In 2019 we will be extending our product line. We are unlike your normal vendor. We don’t pretend to carry made up “strains” like 99% of suppliers out there. 

It takes a lot of work to keep the quality high, the powder clean and the product strong. But, we do it. We have comprehensive testing done AND we also have test strips that recognize contaminants. We are prepared for the worst. It hasn’t happened yet. 

Any batch that is suspected to be contaminated will be put off to the side and re-tested with lab grade dip sticks that look for specific contaminants such as E coli, Salmonella, Mold, etc.

The owner of Re-leaf LLC has tested every single one of his strains as well. With over 640 strains tested from 160+ sources, you bet your bottom Re-leaf LLC has your best interests.

The new way we are recommending phenotypes for people will be a lot easier. We have a form you fill out called “Choose My Kratom!” if you are a little indecisive or if you want our ‘best guess’ based on what you request. Before you ask us to give you the strongest or most popular… I need you to understand something… EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. This is not just something people throw around with no weight. Sometimes depending on someone else to find what works for you is actually a bad idea. Your experience will be unique and the best part of kratom is the journey. While we are VERY GOOD at sourcing products and selecting for you based on our recommendations, nothing is guaranteed. We recommend ordering a bunch of different phenotypes and rotating. This will keep your tolerance at bay. This is BY FAR the most popular way people stave of the dreaded tolerance.

No matter what, this plant will always be a big mystery… and that won’t change until we have MANY studies done.

We make no promise and no claims for guaranteed results. And the FDA dictates we don’t recommend ingestion. 😉 So, buying this product is at your own risk. Those risks, I’m sure you’re aware of. You are experimenting on yourself.

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