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Ideally, when taken in the right dose, kratom is an effective stimulant that keeps you in good shape to go about your daily activities. If you or anyone ever get high from taking kratom, then you must be abusing it. We have checked discussion boards, forums, and had conversations with active kratom users to know if it gets them high and the answers we got were varying. However, one thing is constant; they all adhered to the allowed dose, and they got the best of results from using kratom.

According to a Reddit user, “Kratom does not get me high. I’ve never taken enough to make me feel high. I have felt nausea on some days if I take too much than I should, but generally, it makes me feel good healthwise, which is my goal.”

Another Reddit user says, “I have taken extracts before, and I have experienced the highness associated with those extracts. I take kratom to mitigate the “fucked up” effects of those extracts. Kratom helps me function better as opposed to getting me unnecessarily high.”

 In some people, their body system is intolerant to high doses of kratom so, they never get to the point where it gets them high. Kratom can be described to act like anti-coffee. Its opiate-like effects are similar to the methamphetamine effect that coffee gives. If you take too much caffeine, its negative effects will outweigh the positive ones. In the same vein, an overdose of kratom has more negative effects than just getting the user high.

On a general note, users have reported kratom as the drug that helps them feel better, more energized, and focused. And for some who have attempted going above board, they said what they felt wasn’t “highness,” it was more like dizziness and feeling queasy.

So, if you want something to get you high, kratom is not the answer. The authorities are currently looking for ways to clamp down on the drug, and we should not give them a chance by painting a picture of kratom as a product that helps people get high.

What Does Re-leaf LLC Think?

You can get high off sugar if you take enough. There are many ways to abuse substances. We recommend people start low and only use as much as they need.

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