A Kratom Users Guide To Sciatica & Back Pain

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There are various forms of back pain. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Back pain can begin due to an injury or an accident, or it might appear due to extra pressure on the back. The wrong posture is also another cause of back pain. However, there is a distinct and highly risky form of back pain that comes in the form of “Sciatica.” Sometimes it becomes pretty hard to identify the immediate cause of back pain. Fortunately, sciatica is among those conditions that are easier to identify. That is why it is easy to treat this condition, as well. Many home remedies can work wonders for sciatic back pain. In severe cases, you can consult your doctor, as well.

This post is all about the causes and struggles of sciatica and back pain, how to fight this condition, and what are the best remedies present out there to treat sciatica.

What is sciatica, and how is it related to back pain?

Sciatica is a condition that is related to the problem in the lower back. In this condition, the patient experiences a shooting back pain that begins from the buttock and radiates down to the end of the leg. Generally, it refers to the back pain, which further moves to the lower parts of the body.

Sciatica is a form of back pain as this condition is associated with the lower spine of your body. Your spinal cord consists of different disks known as vertebrae. These disks are flat and flexible and consist of connective tissues. When the disc is ruptured due to any reason like injury or constant pressure, the soft center of this disk starts pushing the hard ring that lies on the outer side of the spine. Thus, it results in shooting pain in the lower back. Since the sciatic nerve has a connection with your spinal cord, so it is the longest nerve in your body, which also splits further into your legs, hips, buttocks, and feet. Therefore, this shooting pain also travels down to other parts of the body.

That is why sciatica is very closely related to back pain.

The root causes of sciatica and back pain

The root cause of sciatica is the pinching of the herniated disk that lies in your spinal cord. Sometimes it also occurs due to the overgrowth of the bone spur. In many cases, the growth of a tumor can also compress the sciatic nerve. Moreover, many diseases like diabetes also damage this nerve. Other causes of sciatica and back pain include:

  • Sciatica is highly related to age, which results in constant changes in the spinal cord as you become older. Thus, it results in sciatica and back pain.
  • Obesity is one of the leading causes of sciatica as it increases stress and pressure on your spine. Excess weight results in changes in the spinal cord, and thus it triggers sciatica.
  • Often, your job might also twist your back, such as carrying heavy loads or driving for long periods.
  • Prolonged sitting hours or a sedentary lifestyle is also another cause of sciatica.
  • Diabetes that affects blood sugar also increases the dangers of nerve damage, which can cause sciatica.
  • Pregnant women are at an increased risk of developing sciatica due to immense pressure on the spinal cord and excess weight.

The struggles associated with sciatica and back pain

Sciatica can disable you!

The struggle is real, and it can make your mornings worse. Sciatica can disturb your sleeping habits due to constant stress and shooting pain on your sciatic nerve. It can also create serious hindrance in your lifestyle, such as your job and can even become a barrier in your sexual life. In short, sciatica and back pain can become a hurdle in almost all normal activities in your life

How to prevent sciatica and back pain

Although it is not possible for you to completely prevent this condition, there are few essential tips you can follow to protect your back.

  • By exercising regularly, you can keep your backbone healthy. It is also essential to focus on the muscles of your lower back and abdomen to maintain the right posture.
  • Maintaining a proper posture is highly essential to protect your back. Consider using a pillow or a towel to preserve the natural curve of your spinal cord. Moreover, your knees must be in level with your hips.
  • Standing for extended periods can also result in sciatic pain. Therefore, it is essential to rest one of your feet on a support such as a stool. Likewise, always keep your spine straight while picking up something from the ground, and don’t twist your back in an awkward position.


Sciatica and back pain can be highly uncomfortable and painful, especially when it is not treated at the right time and becomes permanent. In most of the cases, you can improve this condition with proper rest and treatment; however, it is essential to consult an expert or medical specialist.

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