A Kratom User’s Guide To Heroin

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Heroin is a deadly and dangerous drug that is becoming more and more common globally. It is especially common in teenagers and is a cause of millions of crimes and suicides around the world.

What is it?

Heroin is a well-known drug that comes from the plant known as opium poppy. It is a flower that is native to Mexico, Asia. This drug is among the highly addictive drugs of the world, and it is also illegal in many parts, including the United States of America. Heroin is mostly available in the form of a brown powder or tar. Other names of this drug are junk, brown sugar, smack, and horse.

How does Heroin make you feel?

Right after you consume Heroin, you will feel an influx of happiness, pleasure, and good feelings. After several hours, you will start feeling like everything has stopped and slowed down. You might even experience blur and slow thinking. Many people who are regular consumers of Heroin also claim that they feel like they are in a dream and can handle everything, but they cannot touch anything. Heroin is also known as that warm blanket that covers you and makes you feel like your worries are gone.

The drug can cause severe mood swings once you stop taking it. It also causes vomiting and nausea and may cause itching in your entire body. The overdose of Heroin can even cause you to stop breathing and eventually die.

Most of the people who consume this drug usually take it to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Heroin-related crimes

The criminality that arises due to Heroin is increasing day by day. Crime rates are known to reach up to 82 percent alone in Baltimore metropolitan area. That is not only the present era, but Heroin-related crimes had been prevalent since the past. In 1979, it was reported that more than 75,000 crimes were committed by only 239 active consumers of Heroin, all of which were men. The same pattern followed in the years 1952 and 1971. Even in the present day, the crime rate due to young heroin users is constantly increasing.

According to the latest estimate, there are around 450,000 heroin addicts alone in the United States, and over 70% of the crime that happens across the country are associated with these addicts. There are over 50,000 crimes that occur every year in the United States of America. The lifetime criminality goes as high as 800,000,000.

It shows that there is a very close relationship between Heroin and street crimes. According to Sage Journals, the active heroin users who are heavily involved in many crimes are continually increasing in many parts of the country, including Miami and Florida.


The ratio of adults who consume Heroin is quite low as compared to teenagers. The number of teenagers who have been taking it in continually increasing since 2007. It is most common in the age groups 18-25. Therefore, to stop this from happening, it is our responsibility to take some action as individuals by:

  • Sharing resources with the people who need help
  • Point of someone who is a heroin addict to the responsible authorities
  • Encourage the addicts to speak with someone they trust

By taking little steps, we can one day get rid of this drug abuse that is ruining our young generation.

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